Five Budget – Friendly Activities to Enjoy in Barbados

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Barbados boasts one hundred and sixty-six square miles of sparkling white sand beaches, clear, clean waters and a wonderful mixture of tropical greenery and scenery. The island has established itself as a major tourist destination. Barbados brings together all types of tourism attractions and activities to produce an enviable yet effective tourism product. One little-known fact about Barbados is that it is a perfect getaway for people looking for a budget-friendly vacation spot. Airfare and accommodation will be the items that you might not want to compromise on. So here are five places that you can visit in Barbados to keep your spending at a minimum and still have an enjoyable trip.

1. Spend A Day at Brownes Beach

There are many beaches in Barbados perfect for swimming, tanning or just relaxing. All of the beaches in Barbados are free and public. One of my favourite beaches is Brownes Beach. This beach features clear, calm waters at any time of the day with fine, white sand. There is a lifeguard on duty, beach facilities (bathrooms, showers and changing area) and work-out and exercise areas. Located on Bay Street, a main artery to the capital Bridgetown, Brownes Beach is easily accessible by both public and private transportation.

2. Take a Walking Tour of Bridgetown

Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, was established in the 1600s and was classified as a World Heritage site in June 2011. A walking tour through Bridgetown will reveal a rich history that is nestled among the new developments of the last fifty years or so. Some important areas include the Parliament Buildings, the Careenage and Queen’s Park. Many of the buildings in Bridgetown have been in existence for over two hundred years! Bridgetown is also home to many stores, where you can purchase memorable souvenirs and sample tasty Barbadian dishes.

3. Visit Oistins At Night

Oistins, one of the smaller towns in Barbados, is located in the southern parish of Christ Church. Perhaps best known for its affiliation to the fishing industry, Oistins has become a favourite among locals and visitors, particularly because of its Friday night limes. People flock to Oistins on Friday nights to enjoy good music and food which includes grilled fish, fried fish (including flying fish), rice, macaroni pie, French fries, grilled potatoes, salads and fish cakes.

4. Take a Hike With The Barbados National Trust

Hikes are held by the Barbados National Trust on Sundays. These hikes are free and give you a great opportunity to see and explore little known sites of Barbados. The Trust has a range of morning, afternoon and moonlight hikes with varying grades of difficulty to suit a variety of walking paces. On their website, there is a well organized hike schedule which details the meeting places and hike routes. Barbados National Trust Website (<– click here –>). In addition, there are also tips on the gear that you will need and general hiking tips.

5. Explore The Garrison Historic Area

The Garrison Historic area was also designated a World Heritage site in June 2011. The area boasts a wealth of history which is evident in its surroundings and buildings. The rich architecture and infrastructure are extremely well preserved and provide an insight into Barbados’ history. It should be noted that some of these sites require a reasonable entrance fee, which assists with the upkeep of the properties. Some of the popular sites in this area include the Garrison Savannah, The Clock Tower, The Barbados Museum and Historical Society, St. Ann’s Fort and George Washington House. Located on the outskirts of Bridgetown, the area is also easily accessible by public and private transportation.

The next time you’re planning a budget friendly vacation, you should definitely consider Barbados. With a little creativity, you can have a wonderful time without emptying your wallet.

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